At GardenStuff we believe in the importance of connecting plants and spaces, and with ELIoT, our AI multi-sensor device, we created something truly disruptive in this field.  ELIoT makes the cultivation of indoor plants, and the managing of the overall environment, pleasant and emotionally engaging, while helping plants and people live healthily together at home or in shared workspaces.

Welcoming plants into our environment is the best thing we can do to realign with ourselves and our planet. Believe in greener environments, so you can live better! Plants are a source of oxygen and they regulate the temperature and humidity in our spaces.

There is a lot of research on the importance of living with plants and how beneficial their effect is on our behavior and our mood. ELIoT is designed to help you integrate plants in your space and help them grow healthy and happy.

When buying a houseplant, it is critical to understand they are not meant to live inside the home. Some have a better ability to adapt than others, but it’s always difficult to recreate the same environmental conditions of their natural habitat.

For a long time the cultivation of plants indoors was forced with artificial fertilizers and UV lights. Lots of chemical products, water, and energy are used making unhealthy plants  by breaking their natural balance
Thanks to ELIoT, it is now possible, and easy, to have healthy and lush plants, in indoor environments! 

If treated in the right way, plants can adapt and live in synergy with us in our environments, and that's what ELIoT can allow! 

ELIoT analyzes the environment it is in, and selects the plants that best fit your space. It gives suggestions, allowing plants to easily thrive without the need of artificial lights, chemicals, and even without electricity. ELIoT minimizes the watering times of the plants, leaving them time to adapt and develop into the surrounding environment.

Each ELIoT device analyzes soil and environmental data every 6 minutes sending automatically to our server. ELIoT can last 6 months with its rechargeable battery. The data captured and sent to our servers generates advice, reminders and suggestions tailored to your room and your plants all managed by our Artificial Intelligence engine. Everything is connected with an app making the whole process easy and immediate.
Key to the innovative ELIoT system is a sophisticated multi-sensor device that can be positioned anywhere in the house, right before installing the Vertical Garden. Activating the sensor will start a scan of the environment, checking light, air humidity and coordinates of the space. The full environmental scan takes only 96hours and you can redo the process anytime or anywhere you want. 
Long-lasting design

ELIoT is a practically indestructible product. It is composed of the highest quality materials, its structure is made of steel and is finished with anti-corrosion systems composed of high-performance, embossed and scratch-resistant paints. This material gives durability and strong resistance to atmospheric agents, so it can also be placed outdoors.
Reusability and recyclability
ELIoT is produced with very resistant and 100% recyclable materials. Once you have purchased an ELIoT it will not be necessary to replace it, at most you will buy others to accompany the first one.
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