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The technological multisensor
for gardens, balconies,
and flower pots.

ELIoT determines what plants work best for your living environment. It makes so easy and engaging to let plants grow keeping each condition fit for both. Plants and people can live together in an eco-sustainable green space by understanding the whole needs.

garden eliot pot

The vertical garden

It does not take up space, it hangs easily Compact but capacious (21qt / 20l), Customizable: different shapes and finishes Strong and durable: made in high quality galvanized steel and covered with vitreous paints

The multi sensor AI

Easily connects to the WI-FI network Efficient and autonomous, it deep analyzes multiple environments Very easy to move because it does not need to be plugged in to electricity.

multi sensor eliot AI
eliot app

The App

It makes simple achieve detailed information of the environment and plants. Keeps you updated on changes and insights in real time, everywhere.

Download the Android version here Download ELIOT APP Download ELIOT APP

Who is ELIoT for?

  • interior designers
    interior designers
  • plant lovers
    plant lovers
  • hospitality
  • For the creatives of spaces, ELIoT is the most technological solution to furnish rooms with plants. For all professionals who move between architecture and design, it is the answer to their customers to integrate greenery into homes and shared places.

  • For those who would like to have healthy plants in their living space despite a terrible black thumb ... but also for all plant enthusiasts who already have good skills in their care, thanks to ELIoT they can have readings and data very precise that you can consult.

  • For all professionals who manage meeting places, hotels, restaurants, shops, exhibition centers. ELIoT, through its sensor, is able to analyze and manage a large number of environments and plants through a very simple view of graphics on the App.

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Popular Products

Environmental analysis

ELIoT adapts to your environment because it analyzes and studies it.

Thanks to its intelligent multi-sensor it analyzes the surrounding environment and proposes the best plant-environment combination. Through continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity, pH, light in specific frequencies, it is able to provide personalized advice and maximize the acclimatization of the plants, minimizing the effort to take care of them.

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